Top Games You Can Play with Bitcoin-Inspired Themes

Bitcoin offers a great way of making online payments to gaming websites through a secure channel. Nowadays, you can send or receive money globally through your BTC wallet, which allows you to play many of your favourite games online through your preferred service provider anywhere in the world..

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Bitcoin offers a great way of making online payments to gaming websites through a secure channel. Nowadays, you can send or receive money globally through your BTC wallet, which allows you to play many of your favourite games online through your preferred service provider anywhere in the world. Even some of the modern Bitcoin Esports platforms offer various options to take part in Esports events through their dedicated virtual offerings, which are different from what BTC offers through the cryptocurrency’s dedicated gaming page on their website. Nevertheless, gamers show a lot of interest in other gaming categories that provide the option of using their Bitcoins for online games, or for playing a few Bitcoin-themed games to try when you have some free time.

Bitcoin Billionaire

The idea of becoming a billionaire in the cryptocurrency market proved to be an astonishing reality for a handful of investors, but now it is time for you to emulate their success in a zero-stress virtual environment. Although you don’t get an opportunity to become an actual billionaire, you can certainly tap away to virtual riches through the Bitcoin billionaire app. The game is designed to take the player from a modest one-person office setup to billionaire status, all by mining away for Bitcoins by tapping on the screen. You can use the mined Bitcoins to invest in other ventures, upgrade your office, or spend it wisely to earn additional income. The game is reminiscent of the arcade games of the late 90s, as the graphics replicate the pixelated environment that was a feature of the games during that period. Bitcoin Billionaire is a free app that is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


If you are a fan of Minecraft but wishes to use Bitcoin as the primary currency, Bitquest is the best alternative in the market. Attributed as an experiment that aimed to create the world’s first Minecraft server that is denominated in cryptocurrency, Bitquest became an instant hit among users. Bitquest uses an existing bitcoin wallet to transfer bits for in-game purchases, internal transfers, and other transactions, which enhances the fun quotient. Therefore, the game is not entirely free, as there is a cost involved in performing specific actions in the game. Another important aspect is that the only allows individual players, as there is a strict ban against bots and AFK farming. Bitquest is undoubtedly one of the best versions of BTC-inspired games in the blockchain gaming community and is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire is the Bitcoin’s adaptation of the popular TV show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.’ The game uses a quiz-related theme, where users are required to advance through multiple levels by answering each question correctly. The prize money of each question increases with a step up to the next level, but the difficulty of each question also increases exponentially. The game is available as a free app and does not involve any serious gaming functionalities, which makes it strictly an opportunity to pass your time and gain some useful knowledge. Of course, it is certainly a must-have if you are keen on learning all the different elements of cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology, as Bitcoin Millionaire can answer almost all of your burning questions through a fun and interesting interface.

Games that offer Bitcoin as a Reward

Several game developers and programmers have launched various games on popular gaming platforms such as Steam, where players stand to win a specific number of bitcoins as a reward for the successful completion of a game. Most of these games are puzzle-oriented or categorized into different levels, where solving each level contributes to the overall fame and reputation of the player in a Leaderboard. These games are extremely popular among the gaming community, as the ultimate prize can be worth well over a single BTC or multiple bitcoins. These games are also very inexpensive to purchase, with some games going for well below the $1.00 asking price. Regardless, the keen gamer stands a chance to win fantastic prizes, along with the reputation that comes from winning these complex challenges.

Games offered by Bitcoin Exchanges

Several BTC exchanges also provide varied gaming options to its users, particularly rewards-based service providers such as BitJoy. These operators allow players to utilize their bitcoin wallet or their loyalty/reward points to play games that provide payouts to winners. In most of these games, players have an opportunity to increase their bankroll or convert their rewards points to bitcoins or cash. Therefore, these games are an excellent means to have a great time and earn some handsome amounts of money while you are at it.


In this age of cryptocurrencies and online transactions, where the transfer of funds occurs through digital or blockchain technology, Bitcoin continues to be the trendsetter for most online payment systems. Despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency and its trading volumes, BTC has the largest market share in terms of the number of users and accepted merchants. The cryptocurrency is capable of serving a vast majority of the market, especially with the global reach that has more than a whopping 22 million bitcoin wallets being set up as per latest estimates. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that there are countless Bitcoin-inspired games, Esports resources use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as their primary theme.


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