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Transparent and faster transactions built on Metaverse blockchain. 10x faster, 1000x cheaper than BTC and ETH.


Coinist was recently fortunate enough to chat with the team behind METATIP, a new token built on the Metaverse blockchain. Before we jump into the interview please take a moment and watch their short explainer video below:

Hi and thanks for chatting with today about your project. Let’s jump into the interview by familiarizing our readers with what you’re trying to do. Can you start by giving us a short description of what METATIP is?

Transparent and faster transactions built on the Metaverse blockchain. 10x faster and 1000x cheaper than BTC and ETH. Additionally Our Metatip mobile app will be the wallet to manage all your Metaverse assets such as entropy (etp), zengold (zgc) and zenair. Furthermore we will help businesses reducing their transaction costs and even reward them for using Metatip. Our blockchain transaction speed is between 30 and 90 seconds. It is a secure and transparent way to transfer money and exchange digital assets between two parties. There are only 100 mm META tokens (hard cap).

It seems as though you took aim at BTC and ETH for their slow transaction times and high fees. BTC obviously being worse than ETH in both of these regards. On your website you mention that METATIP is 10 times faster and 1000 times cheaper than BTC and ETH. Do you see METATIP primarily being used for small or micro transactions which other currencies are not ideal for?

The metaverse blockchain is a next gen blockchain so we don’t see BTC and ETH as competitors. Metatip is suitable for every transaction size e.g. at concerts they make hundreds of thousands of USD within a few hours. With the current payment solutions they pay $1000 fee for every $100.000, in our vision they should get rewarded.

From a technical standpoint, how are you able to achieve faster and cheaper processing times?

The metaverse blockchain is built to scale and the blocks always solve in around 90 seconds at the longest. Besides that we will implement a solution in between which we will install at our customers and work with confirmations so transaction time will be less than 90 seconds. 2 to 3 seconds is what we want to achieve.

What algorithm does METATIP USE? Can it be mined or are all tokens pre-mined?

ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures Algorithm). Metaverse blockchain is currently POW consensus but will evolve to POW + POS. Our tokens cannot be mined however Metaverse Entropy is mineable.

Metaverse is the blockchain you selected to launch your project on top of. Can you tell us more about why you decided to launch on Metaverse vs. other options that were available to you? What was the main attraction(s)?

Metaverse blockchain is delivering BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) so they have created our tokens as a service. Metaverse is a next gen all-in one blockchain platform it offers smart contracts, digital assets and a Dex. We call it NEO 3.0 it is Neo, civic and bitshares in one platform. It is the best blockhain available for businesses that want to kick-off with blockchain tech and 2018 will be huge for Metaverse.

How long have you been involved with Metaverse for? What are the things you’ve liked most about working with the Metaverse blockchain.

We are early investors and got interested in their BaaS. The META asset is automatically added to new users wallets once sent without them having to write a smart contract just to view their own token balances like with ethereum. Viewfin the company behind Metaverse is the leading blockchain company of China.

Are there any parts of Metaverse that you find un-user friendly? What are the features of MetaVerse you’d like to see improvements on? In your opinion what are the biggest roadblocks they face as a blockchain?

With BaaS it cannot even become more user friendly. Metaverse is not much focused on the West right now. They lack marketing and communication skills towards western investors. We recommend them to outsource their Marketing to keep up with NEO and Qtum in the Western world.

However we are convinced they have chosen for a blue ocean strategy as they are very focused on doing business in upcoming markets such as the middle East.

Either BaaS will become very succesful or face roadblocks due to lack of developer support. Metaverse Entropy is in our opinion the most undervalued cryptocurrency and will perform great in 2018. Other roadblocks are listing on major exchanges because the exchanges know that viewfin is a leading blockchain company backed up by Tim Draper (DraperDragon Innovation fund holding 5 million ETP), they ask for millions of dollars for listing on their exchanges. While they list other blockchain companies for just a fraction of that price.

You mention that “We are planning on getting listed for public trading no later than Q3 when Metaverse releases their decentralized blockchain”. If Metaverse isn’t released yet how are you building METATIP and how are you distributing tokens?

You must have understand this wrong . Metaverse mainnet is up and running since 11th February 2017 so their blockchain is already released. In Q3 2018 they are planning to release their DEX (Decentralized Exchange). In theory we can get listed on any exchange Entropy is listed, our exchange manager is already in touch with several exchanges. Investors should not worry about exchange listing we plan to go live for public trading no later than Q3.

As a tipping or micro transaction solution how does METATIP compare against others in the space who also have low transaction fees?

We provide both high speeds and low fees our ambassador has great business connections. Besides that we are not only a tipping or micro transaction solution we will also become the wallet to manage all your Metsverse assets. We have a very strong community of Metatip supporters and have first Western movers advantage on the Metaverse blockchain. Our support team is daily in touch with ICO investors through our telegram group and responds immediately. If ICO investors got a problem they want to have it solved immediately. That is exactly what we are doing our support is lightning fast! We are aware of the potential of blockchain tech and our project and do not agree with the fact that there can just be only one winner. Blockchain technology will eventually be adopted by the mass and we will all share a piece of the market.

Are METATIP’s fees static? If so, will the fees remain static or will they fluctuate based on market dynamics?

Our fee of .0001 ETP per send is a static fee. If fees are ever getting overpriced due through a tremendous growth of ETP we will lower the static fee.

Thank you for joining us today guys. To our audience, if you’re interested in learning more about METATIP please head over to their website here:

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