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If you have a press release you can easily add it to our automated press release submission service found below. All press releases cost only $99 each and are usually published on our site within 1 – 12 hours after submission.

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1. No longer than 2500 words with a maximum of 3 outbound links. Content must be well written and in English.

2. Coinist reserves the right to refuse your press release (we will issue you a refund).

3. You grant the right for our editors to proofread and edit your press release.

4. Press releases for fraudulent or illegal products will not be published.

5. it is the responsibility of advertisers to ensure all of your site visitors go through any required verification process required by any legal jurisdictions a company operates within.

6. Advertisers are required to have their own disclaimers, verification processes and restrictions in place to ensure only permitted persons can access the content on their site .

7. You are agreeing to publish only general and factual project and business information. You are not allowed to advertise financial specifics such as token price, predicted token price, or any other information which would be seen as “direct selling efforts”.

8. You are not allowed to advertise your performance or any other metric (past, present or future) that could create unrealistic investor expectations or be seen as misleading in any way.


Please be sure to fill out all required fields below. Once you are done clicking on the “submit my press release” button will redirect you to our payment page where you can pay $99 with Bitcoin, Litecoin or DASH.



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