MMO Game on EOS that actually gives ROI for Gamers.

I discovered EOS and got very interested in it. I was fascinated with the speed of development of this platform and with the possibilities which it brings for developers. Prospectors is Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy game that will use an in-game crypto-currency to give ROI for its gamers.


The interview was conducted with Ostap, a developer at Prospectors.


Introduce yourselves and your dApp


My name is Ostap and I’m a developer in Prospectors team. I started with programming almost 8 years ago and it was mainly mobile app development experience. Half a year ago I discovered EOS and got very interested in it. I was fascinated with the speed of development of this platform and with the possibilities which it brings for developers. Prospectors is Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy that will use a game crypto-currency. The distinguishing characteristic of Prospectors, which is absent in any other existing online game, will be the possibility of monetizing the time spent in the game. In other words, players will be able to not only enjoy the game but also to earn from it, as well. One will be able to convert the gold made in the game into real money. The Prospectors Game World will be based on the actual economic model of the second part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. To implement the real economic processes and plausible financial models, our team has consulted leading economics experts.


How did you come up with this idea/what was the basis behind it?


Our team consists of enthusiasts that like to play Travian and other MMO and RTS games. This kind of games allows you to dive into the virtual world with thousands of other people around the world. One of the biggest flaws of the computer games is that they consume a lot of time and don’t typically provide any returns on the time spent. Often you have to buy expensive computer components to be able to play. In many games, users spend a lot of money on additional digital assets. And that is what we want to fix by introducing Prospectors game. We’d like to give people an opportunity to be financially rewarded while having fun playing our game.


What stage of development are you currently at, and what does the next couple of timeline items look like?


The economic model of our game is ready, the frontend is 90% ready, and smart contract part is at the beginning stage of the development process. In this kind of economic strategy like Prospectors, we paid a lot of attention to the economic model. With help of our friends, we’ve made great progress with it. Also, we conducted two beta testing rounds for our frontend UI. Smart contract development is in the early stage now; however, we are mainly focused on it. Next steps on our roadmap are to continue smart contract development, migration from Eth token to EOS, alpha testing of UI, Testnet final testing.


What does an average user need to have in order to use the dApp & play the game (EOS wise, bandwidth, CPU, RAM, etc)?


EOS is a system that is still in a state of infancy. The first release was launched a few months ago. Definitely, our users will need an EOS account, but we are not ready to tell the exact numbers about resources. We are focused on a user’s ability to gain profit while playing the game. And the user will be responsible for storing her own assets.


How will it work for users that are not yet in the EOS ecosystem? (Making an account, etc)


The user will need to create an account. Right now, with a help of the community, there are plenty of tools which allow to easily create one without using not so user-friendly command line tools.


What do you foresee being the most common use of the in-game currency – Gold (PGL)?


Gold (PGL) is the main game currency, which serves as a tool for financial relations in the game. Whenever a worker extracts gold from a plot, the complexity of extraction increases. With each subsequent effort, the amount of gold extracted decreases until full depletion of the field. To increase the extraction of gold, the player must interact with game technologies that are specially provided for this purpose. In the game, the gold (PGL) will be required for improvement of the account, payment to subcontractors, trade, and payment of a State fees. A player will need to have gold (PGL) in order to advance to through the game faster.



Does the game ever end/is it possible to lose? If so, is it easy to begin a new journey?


It’s not possible to lose completely. As in real life, you can lose all your money and property, but still, you can start all over again. If the player runs out of resources she can apply for a work provided by other players and gain some gold (PGL) doing so.


Is there anything else you are working on as well that you would like to share? Or anything else that you would like to add that we haven’t yet discussed?


No, we are focused only on Prospectors projects. Growing the team…


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