Mining’S Rise Eco-friendly Mining Sunrise

With the price of Bitcoin on a rise this year, the demand for efficient, effective, eco-friendly miners is growing again at the rapid place. The mining business owners are looking for alternative ways to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and making the most profitable decisions, while paying attention to the regulator and the environment

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The price of bitcoin is growing rapidly and at the time of publishing this press release reached $8,000  mark, which represents 160% increase YTD.  Bitcoin mining becomes profitable again. People who want to make money on cryptocurrency are looking for the most energy efficient miners and the market gives them a great choice.

In addition to the well-known giants of the mining market, new projects appear. They are trying to produce more efficient and modern miners. One of such projects is MSRise.

MSRise will create a new generation of energy efficient miners from 550 to 800 watts. It is a new technical solution that can be used to improve the energy efficiency of computing. The board developed by the team assumes the power management of all computing system components, which ensures a less energy consumption, maintaining a high level of power.

At the time of launching the project equipment will be competitive in the most energy-efficient miners market remaining in the same price segment. In the near future MSRise will launch a new website, where you can read the terms of investment and make a pre-order of equipment. On this website you can get acquainted with all the conditions, prices, affiliate program and a detailed description of the miners.

Also the team is currently implementing in addition to the proposed project the following projects in the area of cryptocurrency transactions:

1. Own technology of hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

2. Own payment system.

It is no secret that even hardware cryptocurrency wallets are subject to numerous attacks. However, having entered the paranoid mode of protection of hardware wallets the user often faces the problem of losing access to funds in these wallets. MSRise’s experts have developed an innovative security system that allows you to maximally safely, but while maintaining anonymity, restore lost access to hardware wallets.

An innovative solution is the so-called “Factory key”. It is a multi-level transaction confirmation system. A specially developed OS for MSRise BitKey allows you to sign transactions and perform other account updates via a mandatory dual bluetooth and wi-fi connection with triple login confirmation. The keys to the wallet are stored on a unique chip developed by MSRise, protected from hacking. By the autumn of 2019, the company plans to begin serial production of MSRise cryptocurrency wallets.

MSRise’s own payment system is created in partnership with MasterCard. Cryptocurrencies placed on clients’ accounts in the MSRise payment system can be converted to any fiat currency and withdrawn at any ATM in the world that accepts MasterCard. The payment system will be deployed in a test mode by 2020.

But you can read more about this interesting project right now at the website It is real sunrise of crypto mining!

-Artem Lysenkov ( [email protected] )


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