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The Coinist Insiders Network is a cryptocurrency research and investment studio with an appetite for risk, which is only outweighed by our appetite for reward. Learn more about our data driven Insiders Network below. .


Coinist Insiders Network

The Coinist Insiders Index is a semi-secret cryptocurrency index made up of our researchers’ hand-picked internally selected group of promising early stage Crypto projects. Think of it as a premium data and insights service available only to Coinist Insiders members. Coinist Insiders Network is an enterprise level data service designed for investors who are looking for the deepest level of ICO analysis possible. Sign up today to follow our token picks and view the wide assortment of in-depth data we have available.

Visualize Your Portfolio

As a Coinist Insiders member you’ll get access to easy-to-use ICO portfolio management tools that will allow you to enter buy and sell prices for any tokens that you currently hold. Our system will then create beautiful graphs for you to be able to visualize your open and sold performance in real time. Our system will also automatically crunch the numbers and let you know your average buy price, average sell price, sold ROI, unsold ROI, total investment amount, sold gain / loss, unsold gain / loss as well as how well your tokens performed against the base currencies BTC and ETH during the time of your trades.

ico portfolio dashboard

ico category roi return on investment

Category & ROI Correlations

Coinist Insiders Network has many algorithms that are constantly running in the background looking for valuable correlations within our data. For example our system looks for category correlations by reverse engineering previously successful ICOs to identify which categories (ie finance, banking, BaaS etc.) they come from. For instance, our system can look and see which categories ICOs come from that have a 100% + ROI, a 500% + ROI or a 10,000% + ROI. Our category data is granular, yet easy to understand.

Token Distribution Analysis

Coinist Insiders Network members get access to granular token distribution analysis data which can be filtered in many different ways. For example, users can filter token distribution analysis details to look for ICOs which have had over 1000% ROI since their ICO. Users can see if these projects launched with whitepapers, MVPs or fully functioning platforms. They will also be able to see easy to understand graphs showing the total supply of tokens, ICO categories, the amount released to the public during ICO and much more.

token distribution analysis

Time Based ROI Anaysis

The Coinist Insiders Network is designed to reverse engineer previously successful ICOs based on your filters. For example a Coinist Insiders member might filter through data looking for ICOs which have had over a 1000% ROI that come from the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) category. It allows you to get a glimpse of the 1, 3, 6 and 12 month ROI results from those projects since their ICO. This allows you to accurately compare token performance of ICOs that were launched at different times.

Intuitive Basket System

We’ve created an intuitive data platform that allows you to see the research that goes through our system each step of the way. We have a series of three “baskets” where we put crypto projects while we’re researching them. The first basket is where we flag interesting projects. If these projects pass our tests we put them in our second basket where they will undergo thorough due diligence. If they pass the next series of tests, we’ll put them in our third basket. The third basket contains crypto projects we believe have a high probability of success.

ico data analysis

ICO project analysis

Premium Project Analysis

For any project in our third basket, we create a stand-alone analysis page which takes an in-depth look at the potential of the project. This allows for both quantitative and qualitative information to mix on one central page. On these pages we take a deep look at a social media activity, public sentiment, activity on public code depositories, website backlink profiles and much more. We also look at subjective information such as team analysis and technology analysis.

Average ROI By Category

Our average ROI by category page allows you to see which categories have the highest and lowest Return On Investment (ROI). We include all data in an easy to read and filterable table allowing you to sort your results based on different parameters. For example, you can look for high, low, average or trimmed mean (which excludes projects with ROI’s which fall far outside the category norm).

avg ico roi category

ICO website domain authority alexa ranking

Crypto Project Website Strength

At Coinist Insiders we use Alexa and Moz API’s to pull in website strength data into our system and layer that data on top of other information to help give you a clearer picture of the strength and growth rate of projects. We monitor the number of root domains linking to a project website, total number of links, Domain Authority (DA), Alexa rank, and alexa rank change. These metrics help you identify a potential price movement of a project within a paticular category based on their website strenghth rating. Our data is looking for strong signals (new links, powerful links, big changes in DA etc) as a potential prelude to retail hype and mainstream media buzz.

Social Media Strength & Comparison

Conist Insiders monitors the social media strength and the comparison of each project’s strength within their category. For example, using Coinist Insiders you could see that “Project ABC” has the 7th fastest 7 day social media growth overall, and the 2nd fastest within its category. You can filter growth by 24 hour, 7 day and 30 day growth for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Combined with our website strength indicators, this data helps you see at-a-glance marketing performance metrics for projects within the crypto space. This data can be further filtered to focus in only on certain categories. For example, if you wanted to see marketing performance for projects within the identity, real estate or IOT space you could easily filter the results to show marketing performance for only those categories.

ico social media comparison

developer activity ICO

Crypto Developer Activity

Coinist monitors the activity on public code repositories so we can monitor the actual work being done on a project. Git is essentially a version control system that allows developers to create something (a blockchain project, for example), and allow others to collaborate and make changes to the code. Commits represent changes being made to the code. Essentially commits are indicators of team seriousness. For Coinist Insiders this is important because many projects do a great job of promoting themselves on social media, but it’s important to measure this noise against actual work being completed by teams behind the scenes. Coinist monitors the repository for watchers, stars, contributors, forks, issues and pull requests.

Community Discussion

Being an enterprise level data service means that we often have users such as fund managers, banks, professional investors and crypto entrepreneurs using our service. Due to the fact that Coinist Insiders Network has a built-in social network, we can capitalize on the combined intelligence within our user-base to make even better decisions and engage in more thorough due diligence. You’ll be given an opportunity not only to communicate with us, but also spark up conversations with other members of the Coinist Insiders Network.

ico token forum and community

user idea stream coinist

User Idea Stream

It would be humanly impossible for any one individual to analyze the sheer volume of data that pours into our system each day. By joining our premium members only community not only will you’ll get access to all of this data, you can also help inform how our platform is shaped! Through our user idea stream you can communicate directly with our developers and ask for new filters, new types of data, new comparisons and anything else you can dream up.


We scour the web looking for the best new and undiscovered cypto opportunities. We leave no stone unturned. From the most obvious, to the most obscure. We’re active on reddit, all crypto forums, twitter, Slack and ICO websites. We also conduct research on lesser known platforms, in universities, at conferences, in libraries and other technical and academic spaces. We have our ear to the ground and our tentacles in every imaginable place. The amount of work our team does researching would be humanly impossible for you to do alone.


It takes an incredible amount of time to give each new crypto project the time it deserves to see if it’s worth investing in. It’s not enough to simply read though a website or whitepaper. Investors need to have a 360 degree view of each project. This often means having a deep understanding of economics, math, blockchain technology, business fundamentals and computer programing to name only a handful of subjects. Most investors don’t have the skill-set to properly conduct due diligence at this level. The founders of many new technologies know this and they use complex technical language as smoke and mirrors, to distract and confuse investors. Sometimes what they claim to be able to do from an engeneering or programing standpoing is impossible. Its’ easy for our team to catch projects like this.


We only research early stage cryptocurrency projects. We don’t focus on opportunities such as Bitcoin, or Ethereum. We’re looking for cryptocurrencies which solve some of the inherent problems In these first generation technologies. Our assumption is that some of these technologies will be replaced by better, more innovative technologies. Just as Google replaced Archie (the first search engine). Just as Facebook replaced  Friendster (an early social network). Our assumption is, that years from now when we are looking back at the evolution of cryptocurrencies, the coins in front of us today, will show up in the timeline near the beginning, but many new ones, and some big, yet to be discovered ones, will show up further down the timeline. Our goal is to find those coins today.


Our platform is easy to use. Each opportunity we find passes through a series of “baskets”. As it passes through each basket it undergoes a series of tests. If it passes, it moves to the next basket. If it fails, it’s put in our trash basket. Our team will dissect every element of a cryptocurrency. The entire process is transparent. You can see what is in each basket each step of the way. You can follow along with our decision making process, or you can deviate from our investment decisions. It’s entirely up to you. You have full control on our transparent platform.


Chances are you’re not a solidarity developer familiar with high level computer languages that run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). So how do you know if the code behind a new project is any good? You’re probably also not a trained economist. So how can you understand the economic consequences of deflationary cryptocurrencies with hard caps (such as Bitcoin)? Chances are you’re also not a computer engineer. So how can you understand the implications of different hashing algorithms? To find new opportunities you need to look at them through many different lenses. This requires a team with a multidimensional set of skills. The Coinist team is a team made up of developers, blockchain specialists, economists, mathematicians, MBA’s and Innovators.


We live in a time when there is a lot of hype around cryptocurrency. At our investment studio we see a lot of inflated crypto prices. We also see, time after time, the market correct itself after people realize they invested in nothing more than a white paper (that they didn’t fully understand) and a promise. At Coinist we think about the long term and  future potential of all projects. Bitcoin and Ethereum are great examples of projects which solve big real world problems. These are the types of projects we’re looking for. These are the projects with the biggest potential for long term explosive growth. We’re constantly thinking about ROI and bottom line economics. There are a lot of projects which won’t live through the bubble. At Coinist we only look for projects that can withstand the test of time.


Besides understanding the micro and macro economics, the business fundamentals and the underlying technology, our team also has a acute awareness of the current problems in the crypto space. Knowing the problems allows us to easily spot new opportunities that aim to solve those problems.

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After you submit your payment you’ll be setup as a user within the Coinist Insiders Network right away. You’ll get immediate access to all of the data contained within the system. This is the exact same data we use to make decisions. Buying access to our Insiders Network is an investment, not an expense.

** Please note that Coinist does not offer investment advice. We offer access to our research and data. Similarly, please note that past performance is not indicative of future results. By joining the Coinist Insiders Network you are agreeing to our risk disclaimer and terms and conditions.