Ethorse provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the betting smart contract that handles all operations in a secure way, including collecting bets, monitoring prices, calculating winners, and rewarding. The betting system used by Ethorse is called Parimutuel Betting, and it is popular in horse betting and many sports where participants finish in ranking order. In Parimutuel Betting, all wagered amounts are placed together in a pool, the house or race track takes a cut from the pool, then the payout is shared among everyone who bets on the winner in proportion to the amount they bet.

Ethorse uses this betting system where users bet on the price of cryptocurrencies by choosing a winner among multiple cryptocurrencies. A winner is a coin or a token that has the highest price increase % among all the other competing coins or tokens in a specific time period.


Start: 10th January 2018
End: 20th February 2018
Whitepaper: Read whitepaper
Role of Token:  HORSE tokens will be used for betting as the platform gains adoption and users will enjoy discounted
takeout rates in the races where HORSE tokens are used. HORSE tokens will also unlock advanced features for the
Product Status: ICO
ICO Category: Business ICO
Team Leads:
Token Symbol: HORSE
Where to Buy token: Ethorse Website


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