DAO.Casino Blockchain Launches

All New TestNet 2.0

DAO.Casino Blockchain launches its latest TestNet 2.0 in the most exciting way. 

The DAO.Casino team were more than happy to announce the release of their latest TestNet 2.0. According to the team, the new update has an enhanced governance model along with other new features like the dynamic allocation of validator and the mechanism of vote staking.

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Now, virtually anyone can partake in the testing process as either a Delegator or Validator. Users have the capability of creating accounts, depositing test tokens, staking them against the Blockchain’s resources, and casting votes for the nodes of Validator. Users are also offered the opportunity by TestNet 2.0 being a Validator and also taking part in the operation of block production, along with obtaining different rewards of test token. These features will help the users understand the operations of Blockchain and also get them ready for the introduction of the MainNet.

New Key Features

A significant number of optimizations have been included in the TestNet 2.0 compared to the old model. They are intended to optimize the capability of Blockchain while expanding its operations and functionality.

  • The vote is the staking resource’s dedicated type utilized for voting of Validator together with typical bandwidth and CPU;
  • A dynamic number of Validator nodes based on the amount staked and this could be from 21 up to 100;
  • Sponsorship of transaction for providing a way to “sponsor” resource reservation needed for transactions made by other accounts. It will enable different organizations to obtain new users by conducting different operations on the Blockchain in the absence of initial deposits.

To Get Started

Considering the increased interest in this new release, some thorough guides are being released by the project regarding how to start with the process of testing.

Lecture for validators

Lecture for delegators

The process associated with getting started with DAO.Casino Blockchain is quite simple.

Here are the steps:

1) Read their articles and blogposts

With their articles/blogpost one will easily be enlightened on their vision and new innovative approach to gambling.

2) Getting on their Telegram Chat Room

Since it is the most suitable place for asking questions and sharing feedbacks, all validators have been advised to be a part of the telegram chat room.

3) For further information regarding the benefits of a Validator:

  • Check out the Presentation for Validators.
  • Read the documentation about how to launch a node.
  • To get started fill the dao.casino/2c or daovalidator.com form.

4) For individuals with specific requirement or who seek unique information, the DAO.Casino Blockchain team can be contacted directly on telegram at @daosasha or @unlimion; email [email protected]

5) Keep in mind that in order to get started a user would need at least 0.2% BET from the available supply. Here are some available markets that can be utilized.

Looking Ahead

While in the development process, DAO.Casino is consistent, and the team is working very hard on applying new features into the existing system. TestNet 2.0 in its developed form will be capable of paving the way for the predicted deployment of Blockchain and the Main Launch with optimized features which promises to transform the gambling industry.

Users will be capable of utilizing the latest development for logging in and handling all their resources while being in the ecosystem.

For information, inquiry or feedback, visit www.dao.casino

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @unlimion or @daosasha

Support Telegram Chat: https://t.me/daocasino

DAO Glossary: https://docs.dao.casino

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/daocasino



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