MobiSpy monitors mobile devices remotely is proud to present MobiSpy™ v3.2, a fully undetectable remote monitoring software

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Cryptohackers is a cyber security company specializing in solutions for organization and individuals looking to protect their daily security needs. The company develops software for cyber security professionals as well as individuals interested in tools to locate or track loved ones online.

MobiSpy™ v3.2 is the latest software from Cryptohackers. It’s a remote administration tool that allows users to remotely control and access mobile devices running on MacOS, Android and BlackBerry. Such examples of these mobile devices are iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy,. The software can be installed remotely and users don’t even need access to the device for the software to work.

Remote device monitoring allows users to keep an eye on their mobile devices from their laptops.  Users are able to generate unique servers for each mobile device and have full access to the Admin Panel. This means that they can access the apps installed on the device remotely, monitor any and all activity on the device and have access to all the media and storage on the device. The software also allows users to record the keystrokes typed on the digital keyboards on Apple and Android mobile devices.

The software focuses on six key areas for monitoring: remotely viewing apps, recording phone calls, GPS tracking and locator, remotely viewing text messages, adding an account passwords manager and the ability to view and edit all contacts. A file manager also allows the user access to explore, delete, download and upload files as well as create new folders.

Additionally, the remote eyes and ears feature means that the user can take pictures and videos remotely using both the front and back cameras. The user can also remotely toggle the microphone, record and stream microphone data and remotely disable the microphone.

The MobiSpy™ v3.2 is available in 3 packages: the basic, the pro and the premium. Each package comes with Full Feature Support, Password Recovery, Call Recording, Remote Keylogger, Remote Installation and Email Support. The basic package has a one device limit. The pro package allows a three device limit but also comes with email and chat support. The premium package offers unlimited devices plus email and chat support as before.

For more information about, please contact Chris Johnson at +1 (415) 857-3481, or email [email protected] Please send any postal queries to 180 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA and check out the website for all the available information you may need.


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