Biggest ICOs Of July 2017

Below you’ll find the biggest ICOs from July 2017. The index is made up of the 10 biggest, most successful ICOs (from a fund raising standpoint) from the month. Simply scroll your mouse over any bar in the chart to see more specific ICO details.

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Avg: $40,424,207

The average raise amount is the average amount that the top 10 ICOs from the month have raised.


Coinist stores data from the biggest ICOs of each month. Data can be viewed by the biggest ICOs of all time, or monthly ICO growth rate. ICOs are ranked based on funds raised during their ICO and represented in the chart in USD at the time of the ICO.

TOP 10 ICOs OF JULY 2017

Below you’ll find the top 10 ICOs from July 2017. You will see the name of the ICO, the amount they raised and you’ll also be given a link to their website.

Sr. No. ICO Name Amount Raised ICO Token Price
1 Tezos $232000000 $0.5
2 Pillar $29000000 $0.15
3 InsureX $23000000 $0
4 Agrello $22000000 $0.4
5 OpenANX $18760000 $0
6 OAX $18756937 $0.45
7 OracleChain $15765137 $0.202
8 Binance Coin $15000000 $0.11
9 ATBcoin $14980000 $1
10 $14980000 $0.12