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What Is Ark? A Project To Connect Blockchains

COINIST PRESENTS… Understanding Ark: A Project To Connect Blockchains Point. Click. Blockchain. That’s the slogan of Ark, a coin on the rise offering an easy-to-use way to link blockchains. PROJECTS THAT CONNECT BLOCKCHAINS ARE HUGE Point. Click….

A Beginner’s Guide To IOTA & Tangle

COINIST PRESENTS… Understanding IOTA And Tangle An upgrade from the traditional blockchain, with no mining hassles and zero fees. It’s an ambitious idea, but Iota could be the coin to make it happen. TANGLE: THE FUTURE OF BLOCKCHAIN? An upgrade from the…

Loopring: The Biggest Exchange Idea Of 2018

COINIST PRESENTS… The Biggest Decentralized Exchange Idea Of 2018: Loopring Loopring has the potential to rock the crypto world. Many believe it’s currently one of the most undervalued cryptos in the decentralized exchange space. With an experienced team…

Crypto Services People Who Need It The Most

COINIST PRESENTS… Crypto Helps Service People Who Need It The Most Glitzy projects and eye-popping ICOs have monopolized cryptocurrency news lately. Lost in all the rush is one of the core features of blockchain technology: the ability to pay…

A Place Where Kindergartens Code

COINIST PRESENTS… A Place Where Kindergardens Learn Programming If you had guess the most wired nation on earth, you’d probably take a flyer on Japan. Maybe South Korea. The United States boast Silicon Valley, the global center for startups. But it’s not…

What is Lisk And What Can It Do?

COINIST PRESENTS… What is Lisk And What Can It Do? Lisk often shrugs off comparisons to Ethereum. However, Ethereum’s influence on the team is indisputable. Charles Hoskinson, ex-CEO of Ethereum, and Steven Nerayoff, a prominent former Ethereum advisor,…

How DAF’s Work: Decentralized Autonomous Funds

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Imagine A Future With Open Markets

COINIST PRESENTS… IMAGINE A FUTURE WITH OPEN MARKETS “Although we say we want to disrupt the banking system, we have to face the reality – it is the banks that control the modern financial system. We want to change that, but the transition should be…

Cloud Storage On The Blockchain

COINIST PRESENTS… Cloud Storage Service On The Blockchain. StorJ has taken a lot of heat lately; a quick scroll through the Reddit page reveals users complaining about technical uses and griping about the company’s lack of progress. Perhaps the StorJ…

Civic’s ICO Success

COINIST PRESENTS… Identity Protection On The Blockchain. Likely, the biggest problem facing Civic is its legal ambitions. Privacy, security, and compliance laws vary drastically from country to country. China just recently cracked down heavily on ICOs….