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A cryptocurrency index made up of the 50 most popular tokens based on market cap. The index is made up exclusively of tokens (not currencies) in order to better represent the health of the ICO and token market. Additionally, with the introduction of innovative financial products like Bitcoin ETF Token, investors now have a convenient means to gain exposure in cryptocurrency markets.

Avg Token Price: $3.80

Change from yesterday’s close: -3.73%
The price of $3.80 represents the average price of token in the Coinist 50 index.

24 Hour Price Change: -11.00%
24 Hour Avg Volume: 79962088
Avg Market Cap: 293478922


Below you will see the list of all upcoming ICOs. You can view our full list of ICOs by looking at our comprehensive monthly ICO calendar. You can also search through our categorized  upcoming ICO calendar or ongoing ICO calendar. Alternatively, you can browse through our searchable ICO directory.

august, 2018

 21may(may 21)2:00 pm13aug(aug 13)2:00 pm FeaturedUbex Token SaleARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN ADVERTISING   


May 21 (Monday) 2:00 pm – August 13 (Monday) 11:59 pm


 01jun12:00 am15aug(aug 15)12:00 am FeaturedViceCoin Token SaleVice Coin ICO: Currency for All of your Vices   


august, 2018

 13aug(aug 13)12:00 am17sep(sep 17)12:00 am  TrustedCars Flex Token SaleTrustedCars Flex: Changing Car Ownership forever   


August 13 (Monday) 12:00 am – September 17 (Monday) 11:59 pm


 15aug(aug 15)12:00 am21(aug 21)12:00 am  Hiway Token SaleConnecting the blockchain skilled workforce to the companies of the future.   

 15aug(aug 15)12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 am  Invest in Brokers Token SaleThe Invest Platform The future of your investments   

 15aug(aug 15)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 am  Pingvalue Token SaleAdvertising services in smart cities based on blockchain 4.0   

 20aug(aug 20)12:00 am10sep(sep 10)12:00 am  Vanywhere Token SaleLive Connections. Personalized Results.   

 20aug(aug 20)12:00 am20sep(sep 20)12:00 am  The Pluto Token SaleA Distributed Data Exchange Block Chain With Special Purpose.   

 20aug01nov  DESICO Token Saleworld’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law   

 27aug(aug 27)12:00 am24sep(sep 24)12:00 am  CRYPTICS Token SaleDeep Learning AI predicts the cryptocurrency rates with 70%+ accuracy   

 30aug(aug 30)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 am  Procurean Token SaleDecentralized Global Trade Network   

 31aug(aug 31)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 am  Delicia Token SaleDecentralized Food Network connecting Food retailers and consumers   


august, 2018

 12mar(mar 12)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 am  Leon’s Coin Token SaleLeon’s Coin: CHANGING THE GAME ALREADY   


March 12 (Monday) 12:00 am – December 31 (Monday) 11:59 pm


 01apr12:00 am01oct11:59 pm  BullToken Token SaleThe world’s first people-driven investment community   

 08may(may 8)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 am  dona Token Saledona ico: makes world a little bit better   

 15may(may 15)11:59 pm13sep(sep 13)11:59 pm  WeiCrowd Token SaleToken Safety, Token Growth and Token Liquidity   

 21may(may 21)2:00 pm13aug(aug 13)2:00 pm FeaturedUbex Token SaleARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN ADVERTISING   

 28may(may 28)12:00 am31aug(aug 31)12:00 am  LIQNET Token SaleEXCHANGING WITH THE UNIQUE LIQUIDITY POOLING TECHNOLOGY   

 01jun12:00 am15aug(aug 15)12:00 am FeaturedViceCoin Token SaleVice Coin ICO: Currency for All of your Vices   

 11jun(jun 11)12:00 am20sep(sep 20)12:00 am  CrypStock Token SaleCrypStock: Combined inter-exchange cryptosystem   

 15jun(jun 15)12:00 am15aug(aug 15)12:00 am  Instant Assets Tokens SaleIAT: Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities   

 15jun(jun 15)12:00 am15aug(aug 15)12:00 am  LaborCrypto Token SaleTHE GLOBAL FREELANCE PEER TO PEER ECOSYSTEM THAT SHARES REVENUE.   


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